Colour Me Confused

So I was talking to a teacher. Their board has an anti-bullying initiative. But in a play, you can’t show bullying on stage.

How then do we supposed to show students how to deal with bullying? Maybe the bullies just aren’t nice? (Cause that’s exactly how bullies act in this day and age) Maybe the bullies say “damn” instead of “dang!”

Is it because if a wanna be bully sees bullying on stage that will………inspire them to start? I’ve never understood how that works. “Hey,” they’ll say, “I never thought about pushing someone before. I’ll get right on that!”

I spoke with another teacher who said their board ‘buried’ a survey that showed the true knowledge of students about drinking, sex and drugs. Just so they could say their county didn’t have a problem. I love it when school administrators, who’s job it is to work ‘for’ students, make decisions for students and have no clue about what goes on with them…

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