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Congratulations on Your Award

Pop quiz: What do Errol Flynn, Mia Farrow, James Dean, and Donald Sutherland have in common?

  • You get one point if you said they’re all actors.
  • Two points if you said they never won an Oscar.
  • Three points if you said there were never even nominated for an Oscar. Not once. Not never.[source]

Tonight’s the night that Hollywood gets all navel-gazy and back-slappy. And we all watch it and wonder (at least I do, anyway) what we would do if we won an Academy Award.I daydream about it often. Sometimes I’m humble and list off everyone who ever did anything nice for me in my career. Sometimes I’m more spiteful and rattle off a list of people who didn’t give me a chance. But this is a purely academic exercise. It’s just not going to happen for me.

But you know what? I’ve already won the big prize. How so? Because I make a living in the arts. In fact, we’ve all won the prize. Teachers, students, directors, designers, and actors (whether employed or not) have all won the prize.

This is a big crazy scary world and we’re living in big crazy scary times. Revolutions are bringing down governments. Economies are shifting dramatically. The very idea that we can spend even a small part of our lives creating art is an incredible privilege.

Congratulations on your award!

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  • Thanks for the award speech. I won an award for acting and it is a rush. However, I didn’t know I won so I didn’t attend the banquet and the director had to deliver it to me by hand. Charlie award from the Enid Gaslight Theatre. I also have another statuette for best disguise costume. Theatre gives me lots of rewards, wish I could do it for a living like some folks.