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Creativity In Schools

The more I see and the more I read about arts in education, the more it gives me chills down my spine. Clearly, I’m not a smart person because it seems obvious to me that to treat a student as a number, as a test score, as someone who must be taught a narrow focus is wrong. Clearly I’m not smart because I think that creativity is an essential element to a well rounded education. That it’s important to companies to have creative thinkers. Yep, not smart at all.

The problem is that this is an issue that gets a lot of talking and not so much action. I’m no better, I have no answer for the grand scheme of things. Not that the powers that be would listen to me anyway. But I do know that I can act on the small scale, here on the blog, in the one on one interaction with teachers. In my workshops with students, letting them know how important creativity is, and how creative they can be. It’s heartbreaking when a student instantly denies they have any creativity at all.

I know too that this is not an issue to be solved today. It’s to be worked on today, tomorrow, and every day.

This is a video from the TED conference. Sir Ken Robinson too believes that creativity is a necessary part of our education system, and that the current system works very hard to strip creativity from students. His story about the dancer is the one that hit me hardest…..

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