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Creativity is not a waste of time

Did you see that moment on the Oscars? The composer guy? What he said? No, me neither. I was already out. I don’t really believe in the validity of award shows. Who’s to say what’s the best? It’s all subjective. Personally, I mainly like seeing all the pretty, and not so pretty dresses. It’s amazing to me how some of those folks, with buckets of cash and supposed ‘stylists’ are allowed to leave the house looking like they do. And how do some of those women sit in those dresses?

Anyway. Back to the composer guy. Michael Giacchino won for best original score for Up. Which by the way, awesome movie. Up is all about the characters and the story. Story, story story. John Lasseter was recently interviewed about how it’s not about the tools that you use, it’s the story you start with. No amount of bells and whistles can disguise a bad story.

Anyway. Back to the composer guy. Click on the video below to see his acceptance speech. Sorry, there’s a commercial.

First off, I love that he never had his creativity squashed. Second I love the word choice. ‘Creativity is not a waste of time.’

Creativity often gets saddled with such a bad rap: that it’s frivolous, that you have to be born with creativity, that it’s playing games, that it’s only for artistic types. None of this is true. I especially hate the way the school system would like to stamp out creativity. Facts, math, science. There is one multiple choice way to do things. Testing is good. Testing may be good for statistics, but for students? Really?

Creativity is such an important tool in every profession. It’s not merely an artistic stranglehold. Scientists have to be creative. Creativity is thinking outside the box. How do you think new inventions come into being? They are invented by creative out of the box thinkers. We must encourage creativity at every turn, in every occupation, in every human being. Creativity is not a waste of time.

View the speech here.

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  • I am glad you made the point about creativity being needed in every career, and just about every facet of life also. Even people who eschew creativity in favor of other things don’t seem to know that the things they support require creativity.

    And at the risk of sounding pompous, I think few things encourage the development of creativity as trait more than being exposed to the arts. Especially at a young age. Music. Art. Drama, of course. They all contribute to skills that are useful throughout life even outside of the arts.

    There is a math and science fetish in the educational system in this country, and there has been ever since studies indicated we were “behind” other countries in those fields. But the approach to those disciplines has not caught up with the times. So we get cuts in the arts, and more focus on the non-arts.

  • And thing about pushing math and science on kids is that there’s no guarantee in those fields either. There are a glut of science post docs right now and not enough university posts for them. So it’s a fallacy to say that it’s ‘better’ to be in math and science. It’s just not true.