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Creativity is….

What is creativity to you? Here’s one picture found over at Creative Something. Click here to see the pic in a larger form. They plunked the word Creativity into Google followed by a single word – Creativity will…..Creativity does…..

creativity is

The first thing I like here is that nowhere on this picture is the word talent. That creativity needs talent. And I also like in one place there is “creativity will save the world” and then in another “creativity will change the world.” It’s a lovely image. Lastly, I love the sentence “Creativity makes us human.” That is fabulous, I might just have to put that in my brain file. That is something that needs to be said over and over again. The idea that creativity is in us, all of us, and not just a party favour for a select few. We are all human and therefore we all have the capacity to be creative. It’s in our DNA. We all have the ability to be creative if we can re-frame and re-define what that word means. That it doesn’t necessarily mean talent. If we were able to do that for people, why then I might very well believe that creativity could change the world….

How do you complete the following sentence starters?

  • Creativity is……
  • Creativity can……
  • Creativity will…..
  • Creativity makes…..


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