Deal or no deal? Day 12, 13, 14.

RoarThursday, November 12th.

Roar! It’s smack down time! Worked on four scenes for the collection today. Four! Booya! Smack those words down! Ok I’m done with the exclamation marks. But it was really fun being a writer today. The characters were fun to write and one of the scenes almost made me tear up. That is the coolest feeling to get goosebumps from your writing. It’s completely legal (in small emotional doses) metaphorical crack. The writing was exciting today. I felt like a big time serious writer today. That walk on the beach yesterday was so worth it.

Friday November 13th.

Well, it’s 8pm and I’m just now sitting down to write. Yesterday was so gung ho that I’m not even stressed about the hour. I’m looking forward to it. I’m alone for the evening and what better way to spend a Friday night than to be write? Don’t answer that.

I’m very pleased about my writing this past two weeks. There’s been….. a lot of writing. Some might say I’ve been a little coo coo with the goals I’ve set for myself this month. Craig keeps looking at me with a mix of wonderment and fear for his life. It depends on the time of day which look I get across the office. Mostly I think he fears for his life when I’m in ‘mode.’

I can’t help it. This is what I do. I write. I like to complete the projects I start. I set mountainous goals and then freak out when I don’t reach them. I’m rather good at being self employed in that way – while I’m happy as a clam being low key, I carry a suitcase full of guilt when I’m not working. Of course, in the grand scheme of things nothing bad would happen if I didn’t write another word for the rest of month. The world would keep turning, plays would keep turning, I would keep writing. On and on we go. Now where did I leave my notebook….

Saturday November 14th.

I’ve done it. I have a rough draft of 30 ten minute plays. 10 for two girls. 5 for two guys. 5 for one girl/ one guy. 10 group scenes. Superstar. Or lunacy. You decide. Shut up, it’s not lunacy!

Now of course, the fun is over. There’s nothing left to the honeymoon phase but a hangover and a crumpled stack of credit card receipts. The fru fru drinks have been drunk and the leis have lost their luster. Now the work begins. It’s time to roll up the sleeves and get dirty. At this exact moment I’m watching page after page run through the printer as I print out the 10 plays for two girls. This is the first group I’m going to tackle. Now it’s time for re-writes. Now it’s time for clarification, specification, make it good, make it better. It doesn’t matter that it’s only ten minutes. I want to make people go ‘Whoa’ when they read these plays. I know I have a couple of ‘whoas’ even in the rough stages. That’s exciting. I want more.

Now is the time for the dreaded question – Deal? Or No Deal? No, that’s not the question but it’s not far off – is this play a keeper or is it liner for the rabbit cage? Cross your fingers.

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