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I got a hand delivered letter at the TETA Conference this weekend. Watch below!



We are here at the Texas Educational Theatre Association Conference. Lovely scripts – Craig, show ‘em the booth – and I just want to do a really quick thing here. I got the coolest thing yesterday.

So, there’s this school who’s doing Football Romeo and the teacher who is directing came by and actually gave me this which is a letter written by two of the actors in the play. Now, Football Romeo has one of the greatest small parts. It’s one of those steal-the-show kind of small parts. The character’s name is Agnes and every time I meet anyone who plays Agnes, I say, “Ugh. You know, you better watch it. Everyone better watch it because you’re going to steal the show.”

So, this is the letter that I received:

Dear Lindsay Price,

We were wondering if you could write a spin-off of the play Football Romeo for Agnes and Murray at the Science Fair finishing the project. (They do a big project in the show.) We would greatly appreciate it.

Requested by Murray’s character: no physical contact between Agnes and Murray.

Thank you very much!


The Two Actors

First off, that’s not a bad idea. Guys, I might be taking you up on this.

And, also, I just love hearing from student actors who are in a show. I love connecting to them. Every show that I hear about, I send an email to the director saying, “You know what? Got questions? Your cast has questions? Just contact me.” And I love that they did.

Okay! See you later!

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