Deconstructing Broadway

I first discovered Seth Rudetsky as the host of what seems like 99% of the programming day on the Sirius/XM Broadway channel.

Rudetsky is a multi-talented and tireless Broadway fanatic. You might remember him as a vocal coach on that MTV reality show to find a new Elle for Legally Blonde.

Seth Rudetsky Deconstructs Broadway is an insightful (and usually hilarious) web series where he plays pieces of Broadway recordings and analyzes just what makes them so great. This is an excellent resource for anyone studying musical theatre. Going beyond “this sounds cool,” he talks about what the singer is doing technically. You’ll never listen to a Broadway recording the same way again.

Here is an example where he deconstructs Idina Menzel.

Like it? Want more? He has a YouTube Channel filled with great stuff like this.

Also check out his official website.

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