Directing as Ensemble

The Our Lady of Lourdes production of Jealousy Jane was entirely student driven. A student found the play and while there were two students co-directing, it really was an ensemble driven creation. They worked together on the piece and were rewarded with an Outstanding Production at their Sears Drama Festival District. Here Lindsay talks to the cast about what it was like to direct as a group and some of the choices they made.


Lindsay: I have here the cast of Jealousy Jane. You guys just performed!

Cast: Wooo!

Lindsay: And you guys are Our Lady of Lourdes, is that correct?

Cast: Yes.

Lindsay: In Guelph.

Cast: Yes.

Lindsay: At Regional West Sears Festival. How do you feel?

Boy: Good!

Cast: Awesome!

Girl: Nuts!

Lindsay: Awesome, nuts.

Girl: Adrenaline.

Lindsay: Adrenaline.

Cast: Yeah, adrenaline!

Girl: Adrenaline and sweat, everywhere!

Lindsay: And sweat, a little bit of sweat.

So, what was really unique and interesting about your production is that it was all student-driven, right? Student directed. You guys chose the play on your own?

Girl: Yeah.

Lindsay: Mostly?

Girl: The directors didn’t but one of the cast did.

Lindsay: One of the cast did! Ahh, okay!

Why’d you choose the play?

Boy: I really liked the characters in it and I really liked the energy. I knew that we had some high-energy people that we could cast for the show so I thought it would be really great. And I think once we really got into casting that really came true because we just have high energy. And we had done two tragedies in the past.

Lindsay: Ah.

Boy: So, it was a lot of fun…

Lindsay: Little change.

Girl: Yeah!

Boy: …to do a comedy.

Lindsay: And you guys worked basically as a team, right?

Cast: Yes.

Lindsay: So, how did the decision come about because you guys used your stage management team on stage? Some kind of as characters reacting to what was going on as they move set pieces on and off which I love. I love when the whole world is taken into account. How did that come about?

Girl: It started with, like, one small thing. So, we had, like, they were going to come on, I think, and just dance on the swords.

Lindsay: Yes.

Girl: For the sword scene, when we are talking about possible ways that Jane could defeat her monster. But, after that, we just sort of wanted to incorporate them more, like, in times of, like, where a lot is going on…

Lindsay: Yep.

Girl: …done for, like, comedic release. So, it’s like, that one moment where it’s just, like, “Oh!” and it just brings you back to laugh.

Girl: It was our humour completely.

Girl: Yeah.

Girl: We could squeeze it in wherever we could.

Lindsay: Wherever you could. What was a challenge for working as an ensemble as opposed to having one boss? What was a challenge, do you think?

Girl: Well, everyone’s ideas, especially today…

Cast: Yeah!

Girl: We were just head-butting, everyone. Like, everyone has awesome ideas but it just…

Lindsay: Sometimes you need to choose. You need to go down one path.

Cast: Yes.

Lindsay: And what’s the best part as working as an ensemble?

Girl: I think, like, we’ve grown up with each other over the past, like, through Sears.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Girl: Over the years, so this year we’ve really, like, once it was cast, we really, like, got down to business and we feed off each other’s energy so easily so it’s, like, it makes it fun for us. I think, at least.

Girl: Yeah, and collectively gather the best of ideas.

Girl: Yeah.

Girl: These big words!

Lindsay: That’s okay. I don’t use big words. That’s what a thesaurus is for!

Well, I just want to say I really enjoyed your take on the show. I really enjoyed the evolution of the monster. Tutu, awesome! I really enjoyed the use of the whole world with the backstage and the on-stage really working in tandem and it really helps the world of the play and the experience of the play, I think, for your audience. I think they really dug it.

All right, thank you very much, guys.

Cast: Thank you! Woo!

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