Dogfight Workshop

I had the opportunity to get my typewriter play on its feet with a group of adventuresome students this month. It’s amazing that this play has gone from banging out unrelated words every day on the machine to an actual script. The name of the play currently is Dogfight (I am living with the title and it while it’s very appropriate not sure it’s going to stick) and explores the struggle of writing through the metaphor of war. All the writers in the play are soldiers who must fight ideas to get them onto the page. It’s a never ending war – once one project is finished, another must begin.

The genesis of the play is twofold:

First, the struggle of trying to work the machine and how that helped and hindered the writing process. The keyboard on the typewriter is so different than the keyboard on a computer! And yet as annoying as it was, I also found banging away on the keys extremely therapeutic. I loved it.

Second, I was spending a lot of time watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. And I wanted to challenge myself to write a play with the same epic proportions, the same fight as that show.

It was great to see the students work with the script and now I have to think about my next steps!

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