Emotional Baggage at the 2012 Florida State Thespian Festival

Lindsay talks with the New Smyrna Beach High School cast of Emotional Baggage. They earned a “superior” rating at the 2012 Florida State Thespian Festival and we couldn’t be more proud of them!


Lindsay: So, I am here. So, just you can wave. This is the cast and crew, New Smyrna Beach’s high school. Michael. And this is the cast and crew of Emotional Baggage and you guys performed today, yes?

Cast: Yes!

Lindsay: And what did you find out?

Cast: We got superior!

Lindsay: Yes, very nicely done! Very nicely done! You guys got straight superiors too, right?

Cast: Yes!

Lindsay: That’s very good.

So, Emotional Baggage has a very peculiar thing about, who will tell all our audience what is the thing that is peculiar about Emotional Baggage? You, go, right!

Girl 1: No words.

Lindsay: No words. That’s right.

So, what was it like to perform a play with no words?

Girl 2: Learning experience.

Lindsay: Learning experience? Tell me about your learning experience.

Girl 2: Well, it’s just a whole new level of acting because you rely on words to convey your emotions in your tone but, with Emotional Baggage, it’s all physicality – all physicalities. You have a mask so you can’t even rely on facial expressions.

Lindsay: That’s right. You guys did it in masks. I think that had to be, it was like your body was your vocabulary in a sense, right?

Cast: Yes.

Lindsay: So, Michael, you’re a very physical character. How did you find that vocabulary in your body to play your character?

Michael: We had to dig even deeper into our characters than a normal character. We had to look at them and see them overall deeper than any normal character because we had to portray them without a face. So, we had to literally tell their story…

Lindsay: That’s right.

Michael: …and make it bigger because, in a pantomime world, it’s not enough to just do it normally. You have to live in the world of pantomime where things are bigger than they really are.

Lindsay: You guys did that, what I liked a lot about what I saw was that it was this very exaggerated but focused exaggerated, right? You know, it’s not just this. Everybody’s listening with their bodies, right?

Cast: Yes.

Lindsay: How long did it take you to get that engrained into you? That you had to listen with your whole body?

Girl 3: Forever.

Girl 4: Forever.

Lindsay: Forever?

Cast: Yes.

Girl 2: But, once we got it, it was just natural.

Lindsay: Yeah.

Girl 2: Once we did get it.

Lindsay: Once we did get it.

So, what was it like to perform on the big stage there today?

Cast: Oh, my god.

Girl 3: It was amazing! It was like a dream come true for us…

Lindsay: Yup.

Girl 3: …because it’s been, this has never been done before. For our school…

Lindsay: Yeah.

Girl 3: …and the Drama department, it’s never been done. And, for us to take this one-act, it’s just so strong and so powerful and we all just worked together so well. This is just amazing for us. We are so glad to be here and to be together for Emotional Baggage to the full extent that we can.

Lindsay: Well, I just want to say again, congratulations to everybody! I really, really enjoyed your performance and it was very clear that you guys worked very hard on it.

Cast: Thank you.

Lindsay: Oh, yes, at the back? Yes?

Boy 1: I just wanted to say…

Lindsay: Yes?

Boy 1: …that I enjoyed, I really did enjoy your play. Honestly, I just wanted to say, like, you know, I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have a lot of times, but it did actually help me learn a little bit about fate.

Lindsay: Do you guys think you guys are better actors now?

Cast: Oh, yes!

Lindsay: Yeah?

Girl 2: We will never be the same.

Lindsay: Awesome. Congratulations!

Cast: Thank you so much!

Girl 2: Thank you! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Lindsay: Yay!

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