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Emotional Baggage Production Photos

Written by Craig Mason

We love getting photos from productions!

Here is a set that came in from Daniel Graybeal, Theater Arts Teacher at Pickens High School who staged the show with the Young Actors Company of Easley.

Daniel writes:

We performed Emotional Baggage this past weekend with the Young Actors Company of Easley. It was a very challenging piece for the cast of middle and high school students, some that had never been on stage before.

I enjoyed the challenge of directing this piece.

Our theater is quite large (holds 800+), but we decided since it is more of an intimate show to place the audience on the stage and create a black box of sorts. I think the audience had never had that type of experience before, so it was a pretty cool thing for them and the cast. The audience was only 8-10 feet from the actors throughout the show. 






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