Technical Theatre

Excerpts from Practical Technical Theater DVD Series

Are you a theatre teacher who feels more at home with a prompt book than a hammer? Looking for a new, visually oriented teaching tool for your tech classes and production crews? Look no further!

We are a proud distributor of the Practical Technical Theater DVD series produced by Interactive Educational Video. This is the only “outside” product we sell at Theatrefolk, but it was so good we just had to add it to our catalogue.

Practical Technical Theater is a series of eight DVDs covering the following:

  • Introduction to Technical Theater
  • Basic Set Construction & Theater Safety
  • Lighting for Theater
  • Audio for Theater
  • Stage Management
  • Set Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Business & House Management

We normally send out demo DVDs upon request but we’re completely out of them. The producers have two new programs in development (Careers & Costumes) and we won’t be able to get any more demos until they’re both available.

But there’s some good news! We’ve digitzed the entire demo DVD and posted it to YouTube so now you don’t have to wait for the demo DVD to come in the mail.

View excerpts from all eight videos (plus an introductory overview) here.

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