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Exercise: Indoor Clouds

Sometimes you just come across something that is Wicked Cool. That’s right, I capitalized both words and they weren’t at the beginning of a sentence. I did it, I own it. That’s how cool I think this is. What is? Oh, this:

indoor cloud

Indoor Clouds. That is not a trick of the light or CGI or Photoshop. That’s a cloud, indoors. Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde has come up with a way to make clouds indoors, and then takes pictures of them. And I’m just so cooled out by seeing this. It makes my brain¬†whir. And it’s an awesome picture prompt for some dramatic writing.

  • Write a scene in which a cloud finds itself trapped indoors. Who would a cloud talk to?
  • Write a scene in which a scientist wants to harness the weather.
  • Write a monologue in which a person going through depression actually has a cloud follow them around all day. The person talks to the cloud – is the person trying to get better and wants to say goodbye to the cloud? Does the person want to be swallowed by the cloud?
  • Write a scene between a young girl and the cloud. No one but the young girl can see the cloud.
  • Write a monologue in which the cloud is a ghost.
  • Write a scene in which a producer wants to make the indoor cloud famous. Does the indoor cloud succumb to fame or resist?
  • Write a commercial for the indoor cloud. In what way could an indoor cloud make someone’s life better?

Here are pictures of more indoor clouds. Get writing!

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