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In general, I’m not big on facebook groups, or any website group, or forum boards and the like. There are so many sites now with a gazillion pages of groups with two or three members, or forums that haven’t had a comment since 2005. It doesn’t look good.

The concept of groups/forums is sound in theory: they’re supposed to gather like minded people who aren’t in the same location and through the magic of the internet can connect. The internet has proven, in some cases, that it can work quite well to build a powerful community.

But it doesn’t always work, and it’s not really magic. It takes work to get rolling, to build, and sometimes it’s just not right for the situation. We don’t have forum boards on this website because we’ve found that our customers are absorbers, and information gatherers. Frankly they don’t have time to chat in forums.

The reason I wanted to give a shout out to the facebook group, “Drama Teachers and those Interested in Drama Education,”is that the owner of the group has been active in pushing conversation, asking people to join, offering topic suggestion. Will it work? Only the long run will tell. But I like the start.

So, if you’re on facebook and you’re tired of looking at pictures of the friend of a friend who’s not a friend of yours (be honest, you look at them and you like peering into the life of someone you don’t know), why not reach out to meet and talk to other drama teachers?

Check it out!

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