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Failure is Freedom: Part Two

Below is a podcast between myself and Debra Barnum and Dustin Hinzman, two teachers from Dixie Hollins High School in St. Petersburg. We’re talking about Oddballa play of mine that they’re premiering this fall, (look for it in our catalogue next spring!) which is exciting enough. But wait, there’s more! Not only is it a premiere of the script, there’s going to be original music based on the individual scenes. Originally, Deb wanted place holders in the script for existing music numbers and Dustin said, ‘why don’t we write our own?’

I love it when people don’t come up with reasons why something can’t be done. They just leap off that building, they take that risk. They don’t think about possible failure – ‘we shouldn’t do this because…..’ They say, ‘we should try this!’

I heard the music this past weekend and I can’t wait to see it all in context, in performance. Dustin is working very closely with the students, and it sounds like they are having an amazing experience. Will it work in the long run? Deb and Dustin aren’t that concerned. It’s so clear that they’re interested in providing a process the students will never forget. It’s so important for students to be exposed to teachers like this. When you focus on process, you never fail.

Recording a Podcast

Debra Barnum and Dustin Hinzman talk to me about their project.


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