Finding the Huh?

One of my favourite blogs is written by a guy named Scott Ginsberg. His blog is always filled with great advice about standing out from the crowd and being memorable. He recently posted about finding a “Huh?” for your product, which basically is something that makes people stop and ask themselves that eternal question, “Huh?”

Our table at the OMEA Conference

We decided to give it a go at the recent Ohio Music Educators Conference where we were promoting our new musical, Shout!. All of the music in Shout! is performed a cappella so we knew we wanted our “Huh?” to reflect that. We brainstormed on a variety of ideas until we had our little “Aha!” moment: The only “musical instrument” you need to perform Shout! is a pitch pipe!

We bought a shiny silver pitch pipe and put it in a classy display case (intended for displaying baseballs, of all things!). We put the display case on a pedestal, made sure it was nicely lit, and attached a little sign reading, “You need one musical instrument to perform Shout!

Pitch Pipe for Shout... Huh?

It worked great. Everybody who walked by the table stopped to look at this curious little case. We confused a few people – some thought it was a pitch pipe of some historical significance (used by the choir at the Lincoln inauguration perhaps?). Some even thought it must be diamond-studded to be kept behind glass.

But in every case the “Huh?” sparked conversation. About Shout!

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