First Post!

Welcome to my first blog entry! I’ll be writing here regularly and talking about plays I’m working on, problems I’m having, productions and so on. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting and hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with it.

I’m pretty excited about a recent British production. There’s a community theatre called The Riverside Players who have been travelling to different competitions with my play Tuna Fish Eulogy. (They’ve competed in four events thus far.) They called yesterday to say that they have won the All-England competition and if they win that, they go to an All-UK (including Scotland, Wales etc) competition. They’re very happy about it and I’m happy for them.

I’m currently working on a number of projects all in different states. I don’t work on one project at a time because I find that when I hit a block in a play it’s sometimes more productive to move on to another script. That way, I’m always working. Also, sometimes I just don’t feel like sitting down to do re-writes!

I have two one-act plays that are in the advanced first draft stage – my first drafts are really probably third drafts. I get through the play, make changes and corrections, go through it again, get it read by an outside eye, go through it again and end up with what I call a first draft that is ready to be workshopped.

The first play, called Tick Talk, is about how difficult it is for some people to communicate. The dialogue is stripped down with some characters only speaking one word throughout the play. Can’t wait to try it out with some actors. I’m going to a high school tomorrow for a workshop to see what the response is to the piece. I need to make sure that with the minimilist dialogue, that the stage directions get my intention across.

The second play, A Groundhog in a Pear Tree, is a Christmas play where the twelve days of Christmas all get agents and act out. It’s a choral musical and I’m working for the first time with a composer. I’ll hear the music for the first time next week and can’t wait.

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  • Lindsay,

    Just thought I should let you know that the All-England final hasn’t taken place yet! That happens on Sat 11th June. Hopefully we will have some good news for you on Sunday!


    Andy Webster
    Director – ‘Tuna Fish Eulogy’
    The Riverside Players

  • Hi

    Just read your weblog about Tuna Fish Eulogy and thanks again for such a fab play…..hope that we can take it all the way and reach the British Final……who knows, maybe we can come and perform it in Canada!!!! Any suggestions?!!!

  • I’m looking forward to hearing how the show goes! It’s been so great getting news of your success. Tuna can be a challenging play (you certainly have to get your brain around the formatting) but it sounds like you’ve solved it in spades.

    You know, quite a few English companies have come to Canada to perform in our Fringe Festivals – the biggest one (and the best one)is in Edmonton Alberta, and way back when when I did the tour, (I used to travel across the country every summer doing Fringes) English companies were very welcome at the Winnipeg Fringe.

  • I’m afraid we didn’t win the English final. That honour went to Another Theatre Company from Luton with their production of ‘After Liverpool’ by James Saunders. Good luck to them respresenting England in the British Final in Coleraine, N.Ireland in July.

    The journey we have taken with ‘Tuna Fish Eulogy’ has been an interesting and enjoyable one. Thank you for having written such an interesting and challenging play. I’ll send you some photos when I can.

    We may get a chance to perform the play one more time if we’re invited to the NDFA All-Winners Festival, but we’ll find that out on Saturday (18th June). I’ll keep you posted.

  • Hi Lindsay,

    I was in an early production (199?) of “Tuna Fish Eulogy” at the Alleyway Theatre in Buffalo, NY. I lost my script in a recent move, and googled you to find it. I’m so pleased that the play is doing well, and wanted you to know what a unique, wonderful experience it was to perform in it. Best wishes in the UK Festival!!