Floating In A Forward Motion

swimmingI have spent the last year doing a lot of writing. I wrote drafts of three full lengths (goodness that sounds crazy writing that down), and an adaptation. That is A LOT of writing. A lot of time with pen and paper, a lot of time pounding up one page and down the other.

However, while there has been a lot of writing, there has not been a lot of publishing. At the beginning of 2012 I got two one acts into the catalogue (Chicken/Road and betweenity) but all the work for those plays happened in 2011. As I write this none of the four plays I mention above is even close to being published. It’s all floating. Not moving forward.

Now for some of those plays that’s because there are upcoming productions that just haven’t happened yet. They float with purpose. But they can’t move forward until I see them on their feet. So they wait. And continue to float. And time crawls apace. It gets worrisome when there’s such a long lag between being neck deep in the writing and then waiting to see the play in production. Will my passion for the play remain? And what if it doesn’t work? Will I have waited all this time for nothing?

For some of the others, I did see them on their feet. Workshops did happen and the results weren’t exactly what I wanted. One of those full lengths just doesn’t vibe as a full length. I have to decide if it’s a one act. It’s draining to think about something I’ve spent so much time on not working in its current form and is it worth it to spend more time on it. Blerg. And while I have very high hopes for another script, I just ran out of time with the schools I was working with. It’s good but I need more time. I need to see more. So the good news is they aren’t sinking plays, but again they aren’t moving forward. More work needs to happen, I need to get the scripts into the hands of more teens, more schools. And so they float. Again, blerg.

This is all of course the best kind of problem to have. Wah, I have too many scripts to work on. Wah, I need another production. Wah, I want my plays to be good before I send them out into the world. But the thing is that floating sometimes feels like you’re frozen. Like you can’t do anything. And wouldn’t it be better if they plays just sank? Then I could move on. But instead I stay in one place, floating, doing nothing.

My writing goal for 2013 is to move these four floaters forward into the world. Without any sinking. I want finished products not life preservers. Ok, am I done with the alliteration metaphors? I think so yes.

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