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Florida, How We Love Thee

Theatrefolk Loves Florida

Boy do we love Florida Thespians. Just got back from a ten-day whirlwind of a trip and I’m compelled to thank you all for such an amazing time.

In ten days we visited four different schools across central Florida. Lindsay workshopped three new plays at three of them, and taught writing and musical theatre workshops at a fourth. Oh, and we exhibited at the Florida State Thespian Conference. Got a couple days of R&R in the middle of it, but still managed to shoot a dozen Spread the Love videos on our “downtime”. They’re all a lot of fun and we’ll be posting them over the next couple of months.

You really don’t need me to remind you that the economy is a little tight at the moment. And, yes, we felt that at the conference. But we were blown away by the determination and the spirit of thespians throughout the state:

  • Teachers who have no idea if they’ll have a job next year still bringing huge groups of kids to the conference.
  • Teachers who are managing to keep their programs alive because they’re cross-certified to teach other subjects such as English and Biology.
  • A teacher digging in as the arts programs at her school get cut around her. She’s safe so far but Dance and Visual Arts have already felt the axe.
  • A teacher who is in a mad-dash race to complete her Masters by the end of the school year, which will make her unfireable, thus keeping her program live.
  • Countless students who earned “Excellent” and “Superior” IE rankings with our monologues. Others used them to get into the college of their choice. “I got a scholarship with your monologue” was a typical comment. Guys, a strong monologue gives you a great foundation but your performance and commitment was what earned the award / got your scholarship.
  • Lastly, invitations to visit about ten other schools next year (including one teacher inviting us to spend a day at his pool) ensuring that next year’s Florida Thespian trip will be even LONGER.

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