Florida oh how I love thee…

The Florida State Thespian Conference was the very first conference I attended six years ago. Theatrefolk was very green, we did pretty horribly, but it was a start. We got our feet wet, we grew, we changed. Every year we gladly return.

For the past four years, Theatrefolk has had a play at the State level. We’ve met so many wonderful teachers and students, and have formed a lot of lovely relationships. I have vivid memories of seeing the shows, talking to the actors, learning about their rehearsal process.

I remember the first time I met the Lakewood Ranch students. I remember the Bayside students who lived through two hurricanes, lived in their cars and went on to State to receive their very first Superiors. I remember how I felt when Karen Loftus told me her students were losing their fear of writing because they met a playwright.

Florida more than anywhere else makes me thrilled and proud to be a playwright.

Florida is almost like a second home where we sell stuff. :)

And again this year I have so many reasons to be thrilled and proud. New Smyrna Beach High School received straight Superiors at the District Level with Emotional Baggage. They can’t perform officially at State, but the teacher so wanted her students to perform she figured out a way for her students to perform un-officially. I can’t wait to see another school perform one of my favourite plays.

And, (and, and, and) I just found out that the one act version of my brand new musical Shout! (performed by Lakewood Ranch High School) won their district and will be performing at State. Not only that, they received the opening night slot of the festival – 7:00pm in Ferguson Hall. A thousand seat theatre. That’s certainly the biggest theatre my work has ever been in. Very, very exciting.

I’m so proud of Shout!. Kristin and I have worked really hard on it. We believe in the show. We can’t wait to get it out into the world and the Florida State performance will be a wonderful coming out for it.

Now I just have to wait three months for the festival…..

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