Florida Part One

I just spent a whirlwind week in Florida, culminating in a 20 hour day yesterday between the Florida State Thespian conference and travelling home. A great week, but one of those that feels like a month rather than the standard seven days. It started only a week ago and it feels like forever!

I started off in Cape Canaveral thanks to the courtesy of the Brevard School District and the Amazing Joan Taddie (Joan is amazing with a capital A). Joan directed Tuna Fish Eulogy last year and she arranged a day long workshop for me at a high school. I was able to workshop a new collection of short plays (called Ten/Two coming out this summer) and read a middle school version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (also coming out this summer.) I’m insanely grateful for the opportunity to put my work up on its feet and get feedback.

We worked on the stage of the theatre at this school and it’s like none I’ve ever been in. Huge stage, 750 seats, lighting and sound booths, fly gallery, rehearsal hall with dance floor, dressing rooms, an actual shop. There is not one high school in Ontario, that I’ve seen, like it. It’s hilarious because I see this set up and then think of all the stages and dressing room situations that Craig has been in over his acting career. Not even the A houses look as good as this high school did.

The Amazing Joan Taddie helped to build six such theatres in her area. She grew up in New York and assumed every school had a good theatre. Imagine her surprise when she showed up to teach in Florida and that wasn’t the case. Joan, being insanely determined, (amazing with a capital A) decided that theatre students need a theatre. And so it happened.
When people say they can’t do something or it can’t be done or there’s no way, I always think of Joan. The power of one is just as strong as the power of a group.

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