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Florida State Junior Thespians Part II

We’re just coming to the end of the second (and last) day of the Florida State Junior Thespian Conference. Lindsay spent two full days judging and giving workshops. I’ve been manning the official Theatrefolk table.

It is so exciting to be here. The level of talent is very high – Lindsay has said that the student writers are even more advanced than many of the high school students she has taught.

The energy level is through the roof. And due to the torrential rain on the first day and the bone-shivering cold on the second, most everybody had to stay indoors. And since the conference was inside a high school building, the only place people can gather is in the corridor, right outside of the workshop and competition rooms.

There are staff everywhere doing their best to keep the hallways quiet. A steady “shhhhhhhhhh” makes up the soundtrack of our days. Keeping 1700 middle schoolers quiet is next to impossible, but everyone’s doing their best. The amount of pent-up energy is palpable.

Ever seen a dog trained to not eat a cookie until given the ok by its master? It’s like that. Times 1700. The silence is begging to be destroyed by a 1700-strong production number from High School Musical.

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