Florida Thespians Day One

Yesterday was our first day at the Florida Thespian Festival. We almost blinked and missed it – it was that busy, that fast, that rolling, rolling, rolling. No time to sit, or eat or pee. Actually, (despite having no time to pee which can be detrimental not to mention uncomfortable) these types of conferences days are the most enjoyable. It means that we were always talking to someone, always engaging, and having an all round good time.

And a good time was sooooooooo had. We talked to students doing Individual events using our works. We talked to teachers who had never heard of Theatrefolk – It’s always awesome to introduce our plays to someone who has no idea who we are. We had Allison Williams at our table selling The Scarlet Heart like a champion. We also had Karen Loftus the director of the premiere production of Stupid is Just 4 2day telling everyone and anyone how good the play is. She also told us that her niece used a monologue from Stupid as a college audition piece and received a $25,000¬†scholarship! We talked to students from Dixie Hollins HS and got an update on teacher Deb Barnum who suffered a heart attack and stroke late last year. We arranged a time for the students of St Edward to come and talk to me about their production of Tick Talk.

This is only a sampling of the flurry of day one at Florida State. And there’s still another day to go……

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  • It was awesome to be teaching workshops and mention that I was the author of Drop Dead Juliet, Hamlette, and Mmmbeth and have little groups of students call out that they had done one of them! I love what people remember as the “running joke” from their own productions – it’s often the puppet from Hamlette and the donuts from Mmmbeth, but I haven’t heard one yet from Drop Dead Juliet – anyone got one?