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If you’re into working with youth and those who write for youth, make sure you follow Kids and Theatre: Writing Plays for Youth by playwright Claudia Haas. She is very passionate about Youth theatre and knows the difference between writing a play for students to perform and for students to watch.

A recent blog post brought up a very relatable experience for me and I know it will for every drama teacher out there – dealing with those who believe that youth just want to dress up in funny hats. That youth don’t want to be challenged. That indeed youth don’t rise to a challenge. This of course is horse hockey. Students will rise to the level of bar that you set. If you set it low, they go low. If you set it high, they go high. It’s not them. It’s you. I had to leave the Theatrefolk booth once (it’s never good to start crying at the table) because a teacher, loudly, declared of a play “My students could never do that!” And she’s right, they probably couldn’t. Because she didn’t think they could. Does that mean students achieve every time they reach? Certainly not. But if you’ve seen a student reach for something they’ve never done before you will never forget the look on their face, the straightening of their spine, the light in their eye.

Follow Claudia, follow her work. 

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  • I am stunned. Happily. Thank-you – these words coming from a remarkable publisher and advocate for youth theatre was a pure morning joy for me.