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Football Players Can be Artists, Too!

This past weekend we shot three Spread the Love videos at a football field to talk about three of our football-themed plays. I think that we drama people have a strange fascination with football players because they often get the most attention (and funding) in schools; they certainly did at mine.

I just found (via Artsblog!) this great Philadelphia Inquirer article about a high proportion of football players taking art classes at Downtown West High School in Philadelphia.

Football-playing artists

[Art teacher Becky Desmond] , who has been teaching art in the Downingtown district since 1961, said she can’t remember when she’s had so many football players taking high-level art courses.

Junior Trey Faust, a fullback, and senior Matt Finkbohner, a defensive back, are level-1 art majors, while running back Evan Trexler and offensive lineman Mack Crowell are both advanced-placement studio art majors. Wide receiver Louis Smith, a junior, is preparing for the commercial art field.

“Their focus is on the arts, and they are really serious about it,” Desmond said. “Evan and Mack have been in the program since ninth grade. Matt got into it last year. He came here after transferring from Bishop Shanahan.”

We need more football players in the arts! Want to see some awesome acting on the football field? Check this out!

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