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The Low-Tech Bandit

In March I’ll be performing in The Flying Bandit at the Sudbury Theatre Centre. This is a play that Lindsay wrote for us to tour many many years ago. It was in the Theatrefolk catalogue for a short time but we removed it because we didn’t feel it fit in with our mandate.

The Sudbury Theatre Centre, like many theatre companies, is dipping its toes into the online world. They have a blog, a Facebook page, and have started posting behind-the-scenes videos. The first video is a time-lapse of the set installation for their season opener, Leading Ladies. It’s a great overview of all the work that goes into installing a set into a theatre:

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Being a Lindsay Price play, our show won’t have too much of a set. The initial production of the play used a single folding chair and nothing else. The most recent production added a second chair, a stool, and a butcher’s block. We’re so complicated…

A Promising Technical Resource


Via Wade Bradford’s wonderful blog I learned about the Sceno:graphy theatre design website. I agree with Wade, it would be great to see more “for Dummies” articles on here, and being a site about theatrical design, it really begs for tons of pretty pictures.

What it does have, however, is a very nice series of short articles detailing the various stage types (e.g. thrust, proscenium, theatre in the round, traverse).

It also has a friendly, engaging community section. Recent discussions detailed the best materials for a scrim, methods for foam carving, how to simulate a wooden floor, and advice for a high school student seeking a career in design. The level of discussion ranges from high school to professional. These forums are your best bet if you have a sticky technical issue.

Hope you find this helpful!

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