Forty Two! Hike!

I have a fall project. Watching football. I have already started: three games this past weekend, one college and two pro – did you see Miami fall apart in the 4th quarter on Monday? Wildcat, schmildecat.

Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the floor laughing, let me explain. (There is no time to explain, let me sum up. – Name that movie people!) This interest has not come out of left field. Out of melancholy or boredom. No empty nest syndrome or some upper east side blue blood need to fill the gaps in a day when charity work is done. It is unexpected, but you know, not really on the same level as an unexpected baby or cancer or job loss. It’s rather more manageable than that.

Craig and I happened to catch a reality show (with heavy leanings toward documentary story telling than producer mangled, er, managed story telling) about the pre-season of a football team. Who makes the team? Who’s cut? Who goes to practice? I don’t remember the particular team, but I do know that Troy is not a nickle.

What I also remember is that the show made football intense, interesting, and most importantly human. And I thought if football was like that all the time, I’d watch. I do watch the Superbowl, but let’s be honest it was for the ads and the half time show. Maybe this year I might actually watch the football. I’m trying to learn the offensive formations. Shot gun!

So why am I sharing this on a theatre blog? Funny you should ask, and how appropriate that this article came up in my Google Reader this week from Arts Journal. The Washington Post has an article about the connection between dance and football.

Few sports have more in common with the formality and artistry of a dance performance.

Now that’s a statement for discussion. And I will say that the fancy footwork of the Runners and Receivers is jaw dropping at times. Check it out!

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