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We’re trying something different for this month’s newsletter – instead, we’re doing a free online training session!

Three weeks ago I was leading a workshop about technology and playwriting. Afterward a teacher came up to me and said, My school board expects us to know all this stuff but they don’t give us the training or the time.

Are you in the same boat? Are you expected to keep up with technology at the same rate as your students? It’s an impossible task. Many of us used typewriters in school and went to the library to do research. Today’s students are so comfortable with technology – it’s like a first language for them. How could you ever keep up?

You’d love to incorporate digital literacy into the classroom. But you don’t have the time to become an expert and maybe you don’t want to. What does drama have to do with technology anyway?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – It’s not about the device, the software, or the tool. It’s about how we use it.

Join me for a free drama teacher training where I’ll share

The One Technique you Need to be a 21st Century DramaTeacher.

Saturday November 9th, 12pm EST click here to register

Learn what you need to be tech-savvy in the drama classroom.

This technique will be applied to

  • improv
  • theatre history
  • peer assessment
  • playwriting

Learn specific drama exercises that you can use in your classroom immediately.

I promise this training will be 100% free of techno babble. You don’t need to know one line of website code. All you need is internet access.

Saturday November 9th, 12pm EST click here to register

I am just like you. I learned to type on a manual typewriter and my first play was printed on a dot matrix printer. I still don’t fully understand how the internet works, especially when my emails get lost in cyberspace.

But as a professional playwright I love using technology. I use it every day. I Skype with students who are performing my plays. I collect ideas on my phone. I use online tools like Google Images, Google Docs, PicMonkey and Wordle.

You can become a tech-savvy Drama teacher. I’ll show you how.


I’m so excited to share this training and exercises with you. I’ll see you there!

Lindsay Price

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