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Get Our New Catalogue!

We finalized our fall catalogue this week! It went to the printer on Friday and should be hitting the mail stream in a couple of weeks.

Making the catalogue used to be a laborious process, both with production and mailing.

The time needed to produce the catalogue has been reduced dramatically from when we started out. In the beginning, all of the copy and script details (such as cast breakdown and running times) were copied in by hand. There would always be some sort of misprint that slipped through the cracks that would leave us cringing over for months.

But a couple of years ago we got a bright idea. Our website and catalogue are both developed in-house so we looked for ways to make them optimize each other. Our website was coded to output all of the plays in a format that our publishing software (Adobe Indesign) could understand. A play title is marked as a title, the author is marked as the author, and so on. So the publishing software knows exactly how the information should be formatted. Doing it this way dramatically reduces the chance of transcription errors. When we spot an omission or mistake, we correct both the catalogue and the website so that it will never appear again. Even this last time around we found a couple of nagging mistakes that we were able to instantly correct.

Actually mailing the catalogue is a whole other story. At one point we stuffed the envelopes and sorted the entire bulk mailing by hand! This used to take us a few days and countless finger cuts. Now our volumes are high enough to hire a dedicated mail house to do all this automatically. I miss hauling carloads of catalogues to the post office (it was a very cathartic experience for me) but I don’t miss the paper cuts!

Anywho, we should have the new catalogue hot off the press in about two weeks and we want to make sure you get one! The catalogue is already available as a PDF download here. If you’d rather have a copy mailed to you, you can order one from the same page. I’ll double-check against our mailing list to make sure you don’t accidentally get a duplicate.

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