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Girl Talk Is No More

Girl Talk: Ten Short Plays for Young WomenGirl Talk: 10 Short Plays for Young Women is now officially out of print.

We don’t de-list titles very often. The internet age and on-demand publishing pretty much makes everything last forever. But this one had to go into the ether.

I was the editor on this book and I absolutely love every play in it. Our customers loved the book too! It was put together to meet a strong demand: short, well-written plays for teenaged girls. It was a very good seller. So why do we have to put it out to pasture?

It comes down to rights.

Unlike our other titles, we didn’t have exclusive rights to publish all of the titles in the book. They are included in the collection under “reprint” agreements, which basically just give us the right to include them in book form in the collection, without any sort of exclusivity and without our administering performance rights.

That alone wasn’t so much of a problem. We knew this full-well going into the project and included the rights contact info in the book.

But shortly after Girl Talk debuted, we started selling PDF downloads of our plays, photocopy licenses, and all that other 21st century stuff that we’ve become known for. But we never had electronic rights to any of the titles in Girl Talk. That became a problem. We were proudly boasting, “We offer PDF downloads of everything… except one.” “We offer photocopy licenses for every title, except…” The book ended up becoming a thorn in our side because it was continually the exception to all the great stuff we were doing with play publishing.

So we had to let it go.

But I wanted to leave this out there as a “forwarding address” of sorts because there are ways of getting to most of the scripts that were in the collection.

The Twisting-Turning Death Machine by Alan Haehnel

This is an awesome duet piece and I highly recommend it. It’s available from Brooklyn Publishers.

Sandy is an Eggplant, Shannon is a Pretty Girl by Lindsay Price

Great piece about sibling rivalry. Now part of Ten Minute Play Series: All Girls

Miss Kentucky by Allison Williams

A beautiful character piece. Published by Playscripts, Inc.

The Prodigal Cow by Mark Harvey Levine

An hilarious interpretation of the bible story. Contact the author for further info.

Swimming with Sins by Lindsay Price

The seven deadly sins take a holiday at the beach. Very funny. Now part of Ten Minute Play Series: Girls & Guys.

Crystal and Shay by Sherry Bishop

Best friends discover that their lives are about to take very different paths. Drop us a line and we’ll try and put you in touch with the author.

Pig Patter by Linda Eisenstein

Three teenage girls try to deal with innuendo from a popular boy. Contact the author for further info.

Bottle Baby by Lindsay Price

Teen alcoholism is explored in this very strong drama. Now part of Ten Minute Play Series: Be Challenged.

Sally Sees the Light by Barbara Lindsay

A shopaholic’s mind opens up to the vastness of the universe and her place in it. Drop us a line and we’ll try and put you in touch with the author.

The Battle of Image Versus Girl by Johanna Skoreyko

A moving duet piece about female body image. This is available here.

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