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Girls on the Wall – A Must-See for Anyone Involved with Youth & Theatre

A group of incarcerated teenage girls get a shot at redemption in a most unlikely form: a musical based on their lives. As they write and stage their play, the girls must re-live their crimes, reclaim their humanity, and take a first step toward breaking free of the prison system.

Girls on the Wall, a new documentary from Director/Producer Heather Ross takes an unblinking look at teenage girls in Warrenville prison involved in an amazing project where they write and stage a play about themselves.

Here’s the trailer.

The trailer betrays the depth of the film, making it look like the proverbial feel-good hit of the summer. Sure, there are plenty of uplifting moments as we follow the personal and artistic journeys of the girls. But many of these girls come from horrific backgrounds. Not everything works out hunky-dory.

It’s currently appearing on PBS stations and at select film festivals. A DVD is soon to be available. Check out their Facebook Page, and their Twitter account for the latest updates.

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