Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now

I just wanted to give a little shout out to the Girls Write Now program. It’s so important for young people to write. Writing helps to get the jumbled mass of adolescence out of the brain. Simply speaking from my own perspective, I think all teenagers should write a play – there’s something about having other characters speak your thoughts that’s very empowering. There’s a great sense of pride too in finishing a play and seeing it performed.

Girls Write Now is a mentoring program, which is awesome – it takes a lot of skill to encourage and give constructive feedback to a young writer. Sometimes that’s just not possible in a classroom situation. There are also individuals out there who take great glee in tearing down young writers. I’ve never known why, or what that accomplishes. Any program that works toward starting youth to write, and keeping them writing is great. And there are playwrights involved too! Love that.

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  • Lindsay, thank you so much for the wonderful mention! Girls Write Now is lucky to have several incredible playwrights working with us as both mentors and as volunteers, and every spring we hold a playwriting workshop!

    Here’s some information on this past March’s workshop:

    Thanks so much for your support and for the wonderful work you do on your blog… we’ll be keeping up with you on Twitter!

  • Hi Lindsay,
    Thanks for reminding me of this great program through your post. I have been meaning to see how I can volunteer with this group and your post got that back on my to-do list. Love this site – I’m a recent follower and am really enjoying the posts!

    All best,