Going to State, Baby!

Sorry, I’ve just spent a week in the States and at Florida State Thespian Festival (more later, very intense week, lots to talk about). The big thing in Thespians, is when your play “goes to State!” Some students dream their whole high school lives of “going to State!” It’s a very big deal and very exciting to “Go to State!”

I just found out (about five minutes ago) that my play Stroke Static is going to All Ontario’s (our version of “going to State!”) for the Sears Drama Festival. I’m so excited. I squealed when I read the email from the teacher (who I can’t wait to meet again, we were in some classes together in university, so long ago….). I’m not exactly a squealer. And even better, I get to see the show! (Insert squeal here) Stroke Static is an incredibly strange journey that’s very dear to my heart because it’s based on my grandfather. It’s no happy safe crowd-pleaser and I’m always so pleased when it gets performed, let alone moves along in competition. I’m going to State, baby! (Squeal)

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  • thank you so much for watching our performance! it was an honor. we love your plays, here at saint cloud high school! keep them coming! :]