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Good Discussion of College Theatre Programs

Are you looking to study theatre at the college level? (Or are you a high school teacher advising students on their college options?) Whether the goal is to act, perform, design, direct, or teach, there is a dizzying array of college choices out there.

The New York Times ran a column last month called Answers to Your Questions About College Theater Programs, which goes through several of the options when seeking professional training. Read the comments, too. This isn’t an exact science and there’s a lot of debate over what types of schools are best for what type of person. Nobody has all the answers, and nobody can tell you the best place to go without being familar with you, your goals, and your skill set.

Many of the conferences we attend have college representatives, and the best way to get a feel for what’s out there is to visit as many of the college tables as you can.

Here’s a video of a discussion I had in June with Michael Yawney from Florida International University about how to stand out at college auditions. Lots of great advice here.

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