GPS in overdrive

I’m having a travel heavy week. I’ll be in Cambridge, Meadowvale, back to Cambridge, over to Collingwood and then Stratford. There will be steam coming out of my GPS. But I’m so looking forward to my travels.

  • Tuesday, I get to see two productions at the Sears Drama Festival West Regional Showcase
  • Wednesday, I get to see one at the Sears Drama Festival Central Regional Showcase
  • Friday, another production at the West Regional Showcase
  • Saturday I’m the acting dramaturg for a playwriting project that’s going to feature historical places in Collingwood.
  • Sunday I’m prepping to adjudicate the Speech and Drama Category of the Stratford Kiwanis Festival

How cool is all that? Seeing shows, working with playwrights and giving constructive feedback is basically my whole life in a nutshell. Everything I love doing, everything I want to be doing, everything I want to get better at.

And of course it’s on the tip of my tongue to say “I’m so lucky!” But you know what, luck is a backseat player. Sure sometimes things just fall into place. Sometimes a play doesn’t win a festival because of the subjective nature of theatre. Sometimes it’s luck that an adjudicator drops out and my resume just happens to be on the table. But I worked hard to write good plays. The students and teachers who worked on the plays, worked hard to win their Regional Divisions. I worked hard to present a proposal to be accepted as that dramaturg and so on.

“You’re so lucky” is a weird thing to say to someone, and it’s said to me a lot. It’s like I had nothing to do with my achievements. At the core of things, it’s not luck. It’s doing what I love at a level so that I don’t have to do anything else.

So I’m going to enjoy my week and take pride in what it took to make it happen. I will wish for an instant re-location machine though. I hate driving….

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