Great Site for Young Actors: Dunsinane Diaries

We are the chorus of young English soldiers, performing in the RSC production of Dunsinane by David Greig.

These are our stories.

Dunsinane is a new play currently playing at the RSC.

It appears to be a sequel of sorts to Macbeth, where an English army tries to bring peace and order to war-torn Scotland following the brutal downfall of Macbeth.

But this blog post isn’t about the play itself, it’s about the little people. And by little people I mean the people who don’t have named roles in a Shakespeare (or Shakespeare-styled) play. In this case, the nameless chorus of “English Soldiers.”

The RSC has done something different for this production. They’ve given the soldiers (actually the actors playing the soldiers) a voice in the form of Dunsinane Diaries. The site features diaries, backstage photos and videos as they prepare for the production.

My favourite story involves the madness of tech week and how a tricky stage door lock changed the blocking for pretty much everyone in the play.

Check it out and share this with anyone considering a career in the theatre.

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