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Greetings From Shivery St. Louis

So we’re here in St. Louis for our annual visit to the Missouri Thespian Conference. It’s cold here. Colder than it is at home, even.

Add to that, there was a massive storm here yesterday. By massive, I mean two inches of snow. In Canada we call two inches of snow “July” but here it’s pretty big I guess.

Schools across the state are closed and the attendance at the festival seems to have suffered quite a bit as a result. Nonetheless the people who did brave the weather are having a great time.

Lindsay’s workshops were in the far reaches of the UMSL campus and attendance wasn’t “optimal.” You’ll learn a bit more about this in a little video we put together for a future blog post.

But there’s two days left and we’re hoping more brave souls . Please come and visit us! Not of flake of snow on our table.

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