Happy New Year

It’s not quite 2007 but the clock is ticking faster and faster. Every year that passes, seems to go in the blink of an eye these days. They seemed to go much slower when I was younger.

Having said that, I’m so happy to see 2007 come round the corner. There are a lot of interesting and exciting things coming up! Personally we’re looking at houses in the upcoming year, which is terribly bizarre and exciting. As a self employed artist, affording a house just was never on the list.

And professionally we start conference season this weekend with trips to Missouri and Illinois and then off to the big Kahuna trip of them all Texas. It’s true, everything is bigger in Texas, including high school theatre conferences. Last year I believe Craig and I were falling asleep in the airport on our way home we were so exhausted.

It’s going to be an very interesting year for Theatrefolk. We have new conferences to go to, new projects in the pipeline, new ways of getting to our customers. Also, terribly bizarre and exciting.

I’ve been writing, writing, writing this past month. This upcoming summer we’re going to be putting on a show at the Showboat Theatre Festival in Port Colborne. Very exciting! The play is something we did at fringe festivals a while back, and needed to beĀ lengthened There’s always a danger when you take fringe plays and try to make them full lengths. Sometimes, fringe plays are perfect one acts and when you try to make them longer, you ruin everything good about them. I’ve seen many a play that was lovely at 60 minutes and dreadful at 90.

This week we had a reading of the script for the Artistic Director. It was very rough – the play is a one-hander where Craig plays over 25 characters. Hard to do in a living room with no blocking and no rehearsal! Also, I had been working on the script right up to the reading – there were parts of the second act Craig hadn’t even seen.

But the purpose of the reading was to make sure that it was long enough, and that we didn’t ruin that great one act we started with. It’s always nerve wracking when the aim of a reading is – make sure this doesn’t suck. Because, every once in a while it does suck!

Thankfully it all went great. We were happy. The AD was happy. There was someone at the reading who hadn’t seen the original and was able to follow everything. And another who had seen the original fringe production, and couldn’t tell what had been added – which was a wonderful compliment.

Whew! Next, I have to finalize all the scripts that are going in the Spring Catalogue. Isn’t this supposed to be Christmas vacation? Guess I blinked!

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