Here We Go Again

It’s conference season! The fall is our busiest time of year – we’re away from home every weekend for the next two months. But we’re pretty prepared, we’ve been working hard this month so that things are taken care of. Craig has been working overtime on our website and ordering system, I’m trying to get October and November’s newsletters done before we go, we’ll have three scripts ready to go to the printers and so on.

First stop New York city. This is very exciting because, well, it’s NEW YORK. YEEEEEHAW!!! (Sorry got a little excited) Due to the nature of the conference the exhibiting and the workshops are on two different days. That means we get free time on the workshop day once I’m done teaching.

There’s restaurants to try, walking to do and of course we’re going to see some theatre. IN NEW YORK! YAHOOOOO!! (sorry about that) We’ve had a lot of luck in the past and we’ve already got plans for Friday night. We’re going to see The Misanthrope at the New York Theatre Workshop and Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind right next door with the Neo Futurists.

We’re taking a gamble on Misanthrope. It’s a play we’re not familiar with. The director is supposedly some Belgian hot shot named Ivo Van Hove. In the little we read about him, in a previous production of Heda Gabler he had a character pour a V8 all over Heda. Is it edgy or is it pretentious?

Sometimes you have to take a chance. So we closed our eyes and plunged. We’re not going to read anything about the play or any reviews or any more about the director. I’ll let you know if we get any V8 on us.

Luckily we know we’re probably going to like ‘Too much light.’ We went last time we were in NEW YORK YOWSAAAA!!!!! (sorry got carried away)

It’s a late night one hour show. You walk in and there are pieces of paper on a clothes line numbered 1-30. Each number represents a play: 30 plays in 60 minutes. Sometimes they change, sometimes they don’t. There’s a huge variety: monologues, full cast scenes, political, funny, sad, and then there’s the one where two guys played rock paper scissors and the loser had to shave his goatee.

As a playwright it’s wonderful to see these little pocket plays that can say so much and so little!

Only five more sleeps till I go where? Um…… gee I can’t remember…..

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