Hey! I got a website!

This month I’ve been working on non-Theatrefolk business. Because Appliance got such a great review, this is the time to capitalize on it, if I’m going to. A review can be very helpful in pushing a play – we’ll see if that proves to be the case this time! I got me a fancy dancy website, thanks to my computer guru husband.

It’s actually far from fancy dancy – it’s simple, it’s clean, easy to read, and hopefully gets right to the point. I spent a lot of time looking at other people’s websites to decide what I wanted. I like it when nothing flashes. Mountains of text on the first page make me go cross-eyed and harsh vibrating colours make me go blind.

I like having a space to showcase my work. I don’t work a lot on non-Theatrefolk plays, but sometimes a play just comes roaring out that begs to be written, but certainly won’t fit Theatrefolk’s mandate. Mostly they sit in a drawer because I don’t have the time to publicize them. Now they’re in a cyberspace drawer that can easily be opened by an AD anywhere.

The hardest and the longest part of the process is researching companies. Making sure that they are a match for what you’re sending them. I don’t want to waste people’s time, but having said that I want them to know I exist. I believe I have a good product, so how do I get other people to think the same?

It’s been fun, a bit daunting and pretty frustrating at times. There are perhaps five plays (and I’m only being slightly funny) that are being done over and over and over again. I don’t blame the theatres because they want a proven product to lessen their risk, and then I blame the theatres because that means it’s easier to throw my work to the side, or delete my email because there’s no room for taking risks on new plays.

Have a look at my website. How does it look? Let me know! Particularly let me know if there’s any errors!

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