When you have a lot of plays in a catalogue, it’s only natural that some are going to be more popular than others. It’s interesting, sometimes plays do well because of where they are situated in the catalogue – the description is in a place that the eye just naturally hits. Sometimes, it’s because of a title, sometimes it’s because a large number of people are looking for a similar type of thing such as a large cast, or a Shakespeare spoof.

Conversely there are always the plays that don’t do as well. Sometimes it’s because of subject matter – dramas don’t sell as well as comedies, for example. We have a few plays that I think are an important part of the collection, even if they don’t sell well. We have a play (Power Play) that explores high school violence and uses strong language, which automatically counts it out for a lot of schools. But I believe that language is a form of violence and so it’s the only play that I won’t allow schools to change the language.

I have one play Body Body which is about body image. I think it’s very theatrical, it has a great mix of emotional and physical action. The main character is an excellent role for an actress. It has comedy and drama. And it doesn’t sell. It sells a copy or two but hardly beyond that point. It doesn’t sell to the point where we’ve even talked about taking it out of the catalogue. I’ve also thought about changing the title – I think the word “bawdy” might be misleading in terms of the content. It’s very difficult when a play you love doesn’t get the same response from others.

So today I got some great news when I heard that there is going to be a production of the play in Georgia. I did the happy dance! I still think I’m going to change the title though.

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