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How do you fake that?

How do you make fake liquids look real on stage? I came across this great conversation over on the SMnetwork (SM for Stage Managers of course! Have your stage managers perused their forums?) From different types of booze, to blood, there’s even a recipe for how to make glass! One thing to take into consideration, which I would never have thought of, is how stage lights can change the colour of liquids and how you need to take that into account when making these concoctions. Here’s another fake drink site to look through.

Classroom exercise: Have you done this in your Stagecraft classes? Give students a variety of liquid situations on stage: blood, drinks, even rain! And have them come up with (individually or in groups) possible solutions to make them look real. Once they come up with their own solutions, then have them research what the professionals do. How close are they? Maybe their solutions will work just as well.

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