How to Keep the Show Alive

When you’re in a run of any length it’s easy for the show to settle in a rut. It’s very important to make every effort to keep the show fresh. Theatre is a living breathing art. Here are some thoughts on keeping the show alive.

Use the audience. The audience is what keeps the show fresh. The audience is the new thing every time the lights go up. The audience doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. Surprise them whenever you can.

Forget what you know. Live each moment not knowing what’s going to happen next. Your character doesn’t know what’s going to happen next. Your character doesn’t know how the other characters are going to react to their actions.

Set your one goal per show. This gives you a thrust and a focus every time you get onstage.

Get out of your head. This came from our director the other night, after a mid-run note session. Probably the best tip of all. When you’re deep into a run, you get so comfortable with the script and what you’re doing that you panic when you remember how alive and immediate it all was on opening night. Get it out of your head and focus on your scene partner. Really pay attention to what they’re saying, what they’re doing. Focus on them. Notice things you haven’t noticed before. React to them. They’ll return the favour.

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Craig Mason