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How to Put on a Successful Evening of One Acts (or, Dare to Suck!)

Drama teacher David Dixon recently wrote about how to produce a successful evening of one act plays. Lots of great advice here. Here’s my favourite tip, one that is of enormous important in arts education:

Do not forget the motto DARE TO SUCK/STINK It might look really bad to you, but to their parents, it could be a miracle! This may be the first time their shy little girl ever spoke that loud, or they could actually see leadership potential in a boy too small to play football. We are in this as a craft, and all crafts can be learned to many different levels of perfection. DTS stands for the starting level of anything you have ever wanted to try but were afraid to fail. Go ahead, help a kid fail when it doesn’t hurt, and that kid will try again and again until one day you realize they are actually good.

Read the whole article here.

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