How to Write Just Like JK Rowling

What kind of software do you recommend for scriptwriting?

We’re asked this question all the time. I think people want to hear about some magical piece of software, some magician’s code-like secret held tightly to writer’s chests. They’re always disappointed by the truth – 90% of Lindsay’s writing is done longhand in notebooks.

But what about a really popular author? What about a worldwide sensational bestselling richest-writer-in-the-history-of-paper writer? Let’s pick JK Rowling. What magical high-end piece of equipment does she use?

The answer is… are you ready for it? A piece of looseleaf paper and a smudgy pen. Here’s an excerpt from her notes while sketching out Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Software is just a tool. Buying the same hammer as Bob Villa isn’t going to make you a master craftsman. Building a cabinet every day until you perfect your technique will.

(via slashfilm)

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