I am Inspired

By the stairs going down on the left, there’s an engraving of a young Arawak girl with a bow and arrow and a pet parakeet; she’s the kind of heroine I’ve loved since childhood.

Yes, I know I already wrote a post about seeing where writers write but this room on the Writer’s Room site (very appropriate title) just about knocked my socks off.

Marina Warner is a British writer, and she writes in the attic of her house. Her writing space is surrounded by the most glorious, interesting, inspiring things imaginable. Warner calls the space her ‘crow’s nest’ which all on it’s own is an interesting image. And sure there are the stacks of books, the walls of books, but there is so much more:

  • a cocktail dress that her mother pleated by hand.
  • A hat box that traveled to and from Cairo in the 40’s and 50’s.
  • An oar made by her son inspired by the prophesy of Odysseus.

I am not the kind of person who likes to be surrounded by things. It’s one of the things (ha) that makes be thankful to live in a small house – there’s no room for anything extra even if I did want it. But my goodness, those are so mighty fine things she’s got. Where could those things inspire my writing to go? Makes me want to throw out the wobbly Ikea stool I’ve been using for a tea stand and fly to Morocco for something with a little more creative backbone. When’s the next flight?

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