I heart Newfoundland

I visited St John’s Newfoundland (that’s it in red on the pic on the far east coast of Canada) in 1997 for their fringe festival. The weather was brisk, the people were insanely friendly and the Indian food was awesome. It’s a place I would love to return, and in a small way I am. In 2012 I’ve had an explosion of productions in Newfoundland:

  • The Tower of Tyler , Placentia, NL
  • Floating on a Don’t Care Cloud, Fogo, NL
  • Body Body, Flowers Cove, NL
  • The Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note, Corner Brook, NL
  • Among Friends and Clutter, St John’s, NL
  • School Daze, Spaniard Bay, NL
  • Sweep Under Rug, Roddickton, NL
  • Stupid is Just 4 2day, Grand Bank, NL
  • Moving, Terrenceville, NL

And that’s just me, there are also productions of Split, Mmmbethm, Drop Dead Juliet and Anonymous! Feeling like a bit of me is hanging out on the rock….

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  • My home province!  I’m very happy to see they have discovered you and Theatrefolk.  Bravo!  Congratulations on capturing the theatrical heart of my artistically rich home!
    Keep up the fabulous work.