I talked about playwriting today, doesn’t that count?

30 Days of Development: Lindsay is writing every day for thirty days, and submitting every day for thirty days, and blogging about it every day for thirty days. Whew! Can she do it? Stay posted….


Writing: I don’t know. Some Bee play. Sleepy.

Thoughts: Well, I would really love to lie and talk about all the good work that happened today. Or I could have said, ‘you know, twenty five days in a row is pretty good does it really matter if I didn’t write EVERY day?’

What was I talking about? Why are their keyboard imprints on my forehead. Let’s start again. Herein lies my hour of “writing.”

I sit with the Bee play on my lap. I hold a pen. I hold paper. I feel sadness watching Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. I open the play. I manage a small monologue, which……won’t work, new page. I flip through many channels of debate. Boy it’s on a lot of channels.

Today was a long day. Exhibiting started at 7am, and in the afternoon I taught a three hour workshop on creating a playwriting unit in a drama program. It was good, but funnily enough too short really. If it was longer I could have done more practical work. The day ends at 5pm.

Where was I? Sitting with the play in my lap. Ok, I commit to go through five more pages. I write another small monologue for Cosette. This one will stay. It’s all about how another girl ‘looks’ at her and makes a judgment of her based on her appearance.

Oh, good. Entourage is on. I very much liked the first four seasons. And then I didn’t. This new season isn’t sparking me much. Of course I’m four seconds from a coma so, maybe it’s not a good time for judgments.

There’s a moment in the play where we see Cosette’s winning word from the spelling bee. I want to contrast this with Catherine cheering at a game and no one comes to watch her. I have her talking about this, but always better to show. That’s a good idea.

What time is it? Thank God. 8:58. That’s it.

Hmmmm. Now I have to type a blog post… oh wait. I’m already at the end…

Submission: Leaves of Grass query to Timeline Theatre.

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