If you can make it there….

“Whether you stay for six months, six years, or six minutes, you’ll learn something valuable about yourself as an artist and a professional.”

Seems that I’m not done talking about New York. I recently read this great HowlRound Q&A about “making” it as an theatre artist in The Big Apple. The person asking the questions is more focused in trying to figure out if they can make it doing their own work (as opposed to getting on Broadway) but I think the answer addresses the basic nature of survival that fits anyone who has a dream of being an artist in New York. I especially like that the answer gets past the idea of the ‘dream’ rather quickly and suggests that you need to get very specific about what you want to achieve. For example, what are you willing to give up in terms of quality of life to not get a day job? To only focus on your art are you willing to live with roaches outside of the city? Eat raman? What are your limits?

Recently on our Facebook page we asked the question “Do you have students who obsess over being on Broadway? How do you advise them? We got some great answers:

  • I take students to NYC every other summer – I make sure to arrange a time when they can talk to working actors and to ask questions and to get a feel for the reality of the situation from someone who has lived it…..
  •  Dream the big dream, by all means, but don’t discount or diminish that countless valuable developmental and performance opportunities that exist between where you are and where you want to be.
  •  Presenting the students with statistics – that every year there are thousands of students who graduate who all want to make it to Broadway, but the reality is that maybe one in a thousand will ever get an audition, let alone a role.

Do you have any advice for living as a theatrical artist in New York?

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